Moon Maker Protocol Leadership Talks: Opportunities in Cryptocurrency amidst COVID-19 on Clubhouse (Part I)

Covid-19 has a massive impact on our livelihood. Loss of income and more flexible time has prompted people around the world to look for new ways to make money and pick up new hobbies. Cryptocurrency is a sound marriage between the two.

Today Mr.Sarun, CEO of Moon Maker Protocol, joined by Mr.Patee Sarasin, CEO of Nok Airlines and Miss Kwankao (Pang) Svetavimala, a Thai actress, singer, TV host, and recently a crypto trader in a Clubhouse session “Opportunities in cryptocurrency amidst COVID-19” shared his view on the crypto market and why Moon Maker Protocol is a sure investment for all traders. Below is the summary from their discussion joined by over 1,000 audiences.

A decentralized finance platform you can own

Moon Maker Protocol (MMP) is a decentralized finance platform that offers investment opportunities and a launchpad for new tokens. We are the platform where everyone is an owner. From fair launch to the redistribution of 30% of the transaction fees as a reward token to holders. We demonstrate how we treat our holders as partners and intend for them to grow with us.

Be an early rider in the rocket to the moon

Even if there was a big increase in price since fair launch, it still has been only 11 days since the Moon Maker Protocol was first launched. We are still in the early stage of development with 7,200 holders. Still, we’ve achieved considerable success in a very short period of time, from zero a week ago to over $3.4M in marketing budget today.

Cryptocurrency is a unique market for marketing. The more you spend on marketing, the more funds you have. For example, if we spend $1 to reach 10 investors and earn $10 each from them, redistributing 2% transaction fee for marketing, we will have another $2 to further spread the word about our product. We currently run several marketing campaigns and we aim for our number of holders to reach 50,000–100,000. This will increase our marketing fund, reward redistribution to holders, as well as our token value.

Pick out your free airdrop (that will be worth 10x more in days!)

Our first airdrop is the first-crypto warrant in the blockchain world. Investors need only $10–20 to participate in our airdrop and receive a free Moon Maker Protocol warrant. Their $10 is now worth more than $1,000–2,000 today. This is 10x profit for them from airdrop alone, without even having to sell their MMP tokens.

Currently our top KPI now is not price, but rather an expansion of MMP holders to solidify our ecosystem. 10% of every transaction will be collect as tax of these 10%, 5% will be added to add Liquidity Pool (LP) on PancakeSwap to reduce price fluctuation and make the MMP token price more solid, 3 % will be re-distributed to every Moon Maker Protocol holders as dividend and 2% of transaction will be collected as developer (.7%) and marketing cost (1.3%). Our marketing strategy we focus on Reddit and YouTube to spread the words on the Moon Maker Protocol throughout the mainstream blockchain world.

Updates from our CEO

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