Moon Maker Protocol First Airdrop is coming

We are really excited to announce our first airdrop campaign . Due to great support from everybody ,our team agreed to release the first airdrop after few days of releasing .

Airdrop will be distribute for all MMP holder who HOLD 60,000 MMP


Subscription Period : 28TH 14:30UTC

Calculation Period 29TH : 14:30UTC

Final Token Distribution 30TH : 14:30UTC

About Moon Maker Protocol (MMP)

MMP is a DeFi launch pad project, which assist a novel DeFi token launching their product to the community. We are very first “Decentralized Token Launch Platform” in Binance Smart Chain .MMP fair launched only 200,000,000 token makes equality to the community, no exception for the developer.

We will provide many more features such as Airdrop, Snapshot/verify and so on for MMP holder to earn IFO, ICO token. This means holding MMP would earn million more benefits than just a capital gain.

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We are new high potential tokens seeker