Crypto for Dummies: Easy guide to buy $MMP on PancakeSwap (Step-by-Step)

Moon Maker Protocol
5 min readMay 15, 2021

After a week of launching, the Moon Maker Protocol and $MMP has received many positive feedback from holders and investors. We have successfully dispatched our first airdrop (MMPw1) and our new LOTTO project will soon be introduced. Moon Maker Protocol aims to acquire more holders, to create new products that will yield higher benefits to the holders and to get approved from the Certik Audit in the very near future.

Where can we get the MMP token? — that’s quite easy. This dummies’ guide will walk through each method to getting $MMP step-by-step and help to earn on the Moon Maker Protocol in the simplest way. Enjoy!

For all DeFi newbies, before you begin these steps, please make sure you already have :

  1. MetaMask wallet — we found this simple guide by Emre Yilmaz 🌕 to help you set up.
  2. PancakeSwap wallet — here is an official guide on how to create a wallet on Pancake swap

IMPORTANT! Always remember to trade on “Binance Smart Chain” network.

For every new token that you couldn’t find when you look up its abbreviation, there are 2 steps involved to get you set for trading: Add custom token and Start swapping.

How to add $MMP to your PancakeSwap

There are 2 ways add $MMP to your Pancakeswap:

  1. Via the Moon Maker Protocol official website
  2. Via PancakeSwap

Option 1 : Adding $MMP to your wallet automatically via Moon Maker Protocol website
1.1 Go to the Moon Maker Protocol official website and click “Get MMP”

1.2 You will be directed to PancakeSwap.

1.3 Check “I understand” then continue.

1.4 To connect your wallet to Pancake swap, click Connect

1.5 Choose your own wallet

Congratulations $MMP is now connected to your wallet! Now, see “How to purchase MMP token” below to start buying $MMP.

Option 2 :Adding $MMP to your wallet via PancakeSwap

2.1 Go to PancakeSwap.
2.2 Click “Connect”

2.3 Choose your own wallet from the list.

2.4 Click “Select currency”.
2.5 Manually add MMP address: 0x768d221e81524de52841aed976370b2e4f990416 , then click MMP

Congratulations $MMP is now connected to your wallet! Now, see “How to purchase MMP token” below to start buying $MMP.

How to purchase the MMP token

For all DeFi newbies, before you begin these steps, please make sure you already:

  1. Added $MMP to your wallet following any of the 2 steps above
  2. Have other currency e.g. BNB, BUSD, USDT for swapping with $MMP on your wallet

If you haven’t had any token on your PancakeSwap wallet, we found this easy guide to deposit tokens to metamask.

If you never buy crypto before, we think this guide from Binance should help you. Please make sure to test transfer with a small amount to make sure you can receive your fund. One misstep can mean unrecoverable loss of funds in the DeFi world!

With all the checklist and caution above, we assume you’re ready for the swap. Let’s begin with the below steps:

1. On the exchange page, select the amount and token that you want to swap with $MMP. Make sure you set slippage tolerance to 12%, then click “swap”.

2. The output is automatically converted from your token to MMP. Click “Confirm swap”.

3. Your wallet will pop up, click “confirm ” again.

4. After submitted, click “View on BscScan” to see your transaction details.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you invest seamlessly in the Moon Maker Protocol token!

What is the Moon Maker Protocol?

Moon Maker Protocol (MMP) is a decentralized finance platform that offers investment opportunities and a launchpad for new tokens. We are the platform where everyone is an owner. From fair launch to the redistribution of 30% of the transaction fees as a reward token to holders. We demonstrate how we treat our holders as partners and intend for them to grow with us.

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